Message from the Rector



Message from the Rector

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is pleased to invite you to participate in its educational project of training, research and promotion of knowledge through faith, linking this task to society through specific projects in different and relevant areas, such as health, technology and education.

Our institution is open to the world through the international exchange of students and faculties, joint research projects and the contribution to society that links both international and global subjects. UC offers to the community a broad range of opportunities of professional and personal growth which contribute to the development of a genuinely humane country, based on truth, freedom, justice, peace and solidarity.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is a common project oriented to serve both the Catholic Church and the country. The UC family, its professors, students, administrative staff, associates and private entities, work as one to achieve this goal.

We are willing to receive and give the best of us, in an open university path, providing education in a fertile environment. We invite you to join us!

Ignacio Sánchez MD